dramatic play

“The Elephant’s Garden” by Jane Ray

“The Elephant’s Garden” by Jane Ray is a stunning picture book that I recently added to the kids collection. It is a beautifully Illustrated tale about fortune and greed, learning to accept what you have and being grateful for what you have. In the case of this story, it is a luscious fruit garden that is being eaten by a magical elephant but soon enough, the elephant teaches everyone a lesson about greed. Published by Boxer Books.

Inspired activity: Farmers’ Market Dramatic Play

For this dramatic play set up, I used a variety of toys, play food, bins, and baskets that I had on hand. The crates and smaller bins were purchased from Michaels and have been so versatile in our play activities. I gathered all the elephant stuffies I could find in our house (and there were many because I love elephants) and added them to our scene. I also made the banner using newspaper, paint, and string. I didn’t want to use quality paper because I assumed damages would surely be ensued.

Since we are exploring colour for the month of June, I organized the baskets into different color groups – red, orange, yellow, green, brown, and purple – of food. I added some labels that I made up for my oldest to practice her reading.

My oldest pretending to be the “farmer” while my youngest shops.

The girls loved this dramatic play! My oldest could not get over how much fun it was to play pretend and be the “farmer” or “go to the market.” She especially enjoyed playing with the cardboard play money that I made, to teach her currency recognition. My youngest just loved “shopping” pulling everything out of the baskets and mixing it up.

It was a perfect day for a farmers’ market!

Happy little Shopper!

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