“I Don’t Draw, I Color” by Adam Lehrhaupt

“I Don’t Draw, I Color!” by Adam Lehrhaupt and illustrated by Felicita Sala, is a lovely and simple, but powerful story about colors. It is about how colors make us feel and how they can be used to express our feelings. I think it’s a great book to teach children about feelings and how to express them in a healthy way. Published by Simon & Schuster.

Inspired Activity: Blow Painting Portraits

For this project, I sketched out a contour portrait of each of my girls – leaving the hair blank of course. Using various colours of water-downed paint and a straw, they tried blow painting their hair onto their portraits.

Now, this turned out to be a much more challenging task than anticipated, especially for my youngest but even for my 4.5-year-old. I did not expect too much from either of them really, it was mostly about showing them a fun, new painting technique and then letting them experiment with it.

It certainly was adorable to watch my youngest try her very best to do it right. I did end up helping her paint most of her portrait while she played with the paints. My oldest eventually got the hang of it, and thought it was fun. She liked splashing the paint on and mixing it around with the straw.

In a Public Library setting:

This could be a fun Summer program for kids, ages 8-12, and can be hosted outdoors if weather permitted. The supplies are minimal – white paper, various paints, black markers, and straws- and the portraits can be done up by the children themselves.

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