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“Always Remeber” by Cece Meng

"Always Remember" by Cece Meng and illustrated by Jago is a beautiful story with stunning illustrations, about an Old Turtle who has one last swim and takes one last breath before disappearing into the ocean waves. Old Turtle's sea friends lovingly recall the happy memories they shared together and how meaningful Old Turtle was each… Continue reading “Always Remeber” by Cece Meng

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“Beachy and Me” by Bob Staake

"Beachy and Me" by Bob Staake is my oldest daughter's favourite book at the moment. We started reading it when she was younger, and I would check it out from the library every few months to re-read, we enjoyed it so much. It is a sweet rhyming story about Pixie Picklespeare who lives on a… Continue reading “Beachy and Me” by Bob Staake


“We are Water Protectors” by Carole Lindstrom

"We are Water Protectors," by Carole Lindstrom and illustrated by Michaela Goade, is one of the most important picture books of our generation. Not only are the illustrations absolutely stunning, but it tells the real story about the many indigenous-led protests that occurred in 2016 across North America, people who stood up against the Dakota Access pipeline… Continue reading “We are Water Protectors” by Carole Lindstrom