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“Little Green Peas” by Keith Baker

“Little Green Peas: A Big Book of Colors” by Keith Baker is a fantastic first colour book for little ones because it introduces colours through vibrant, bright illustrations and a simple rhyming story. We have been reading this book since my oldest was still in diapers (4+ years now) and my youngest now enjoys it just as much. We love Keith Baker’s book series! Published by Simon & Schuster.

Inspired Activity: Toy Colour Matching

Some days, it can be challenging to provide engaging activities that meet the developmental needs of both my toddler (23 months) and my 4.5-year-old, especially when they are both constantly demanding my attention. So, this play setup was perfect for my toddler (and me) because it kept her entertained for a while, even if she was not always matching the colours, she was exploring and playing with the toys. This allowed me one-on-one time with my oldest, which is always nice.

Supplies needed for this activity:

  • 6-7 different colors of scrap paper. We used red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. I also laminated my colour cards to be durable and reusable.
  • Various small toys, blocks, stuffed animals, etc. mixed up in a basket

At first, I demonstrated the colour-matching to my toddler, even my oldest got in on it and helped her out. Eventually, she had more fun pulling out all the toys, playing with a few random ones, putting them back in the basket, and occasionally, colour-matching items. All play is learning in my books!

In a Public Library setting

A set up like this would work nicely in the children’s area of the library. A basket of safe, age appropriate toys would be provided for the kids to colour match to the set-up table. The nice thing about a set-up like this is that it would correspond nicely with a beautiful colourful display, filled with many other colour themed books for young kids to enjoy.

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