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October Reading List

October was an extremely busy reading and activity month in our house. It is one of my favourite times of year, especially with the changing seasons and October festivities, there was not only so much reading variety but an assortment of activities as well. So, in short, here was our October reading list ... in… Continue reading October Reading List

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September Reading List

Yes, that is correct, I am sharing my September reading list in October. This is a long overdue but when September arrived, I was hit with my grad school workload, home school workload for the kids, scheduling playdates, maintaining the household, general mom life, and the occasional late night re-runs of the office. Okay, maybe… Continue reading September Reading List

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“Apples A to Z” by Margaret McNamara

One of my favourite things about Autumn is apple season! Here in Ontario it lasts from August to October and we love apple picking. Along with our many annual Fall traditions and farm visits, I wanted to read more Fall themed books to the kids this year. To start, I found the sweetest, most informative… Continue reading “Apples A to Z” by Margaret McNamara