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“Always Remeber” by Cece Meng

"Always Remember" by Cece Meng and illustrated by Jago is a beautiful story with stunning illustrations, about an Old Turtle who has one last swim and takes one last breath before disappearing into the ocean waves. Old Turtle's sea friends lovingly recall the happy memories they shared together and how meaningful Old Turtle was each… Continue reading “Always Remeber” by Cece Meng

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“Lula and the Sea Monster” by Alex Latimer

"Lula and the Sea Monster" by Alex Latimer is sweet nature-loving story about the friendship between Lula and Bean - a teeny tiny sea creature Lula finds on her beach. Only Bean does not stay little for very long and doubles in size each day. Lula loves her home and her beach and is heartbroken… Continue reading “Lula and the Sea Monster” by Alex Latimer